Monday, November 14, 2011

Novemeber 12-13 Weekend...

This week majority of the work for installing drip irrigation got done.. Trench has been done and all the pits for second batch of banana is ready. Drip should not take more than 2 days to get installed but to arrange for money would easily take more than a month :-)

Once drip is done lot's of manual labor can be cut and we can focus on other developments

Also we got following sapplings for our boundary as well..

1. 30 - Silver Oak

2. 30 - Hebbevu

3. 1- Tamarined

4. 1 - Supota (ciricket ball)

5. 4 - Lemon

6. 4 - Amla

7. 1- Pomegranate

8. 1 - Jack fruit (Chandra Halasu)

9. 2 - Seebe - Guava(1 Allahabad and 1 KG Guava)

10. 1 - Nerale

11. 4 - Kakada (flower)

Next week need to search for Banana Sapplings and also fix the drip system...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some Photos.

Story So far.....

Registered on April 15th 2010. It took us 9 months to get the fencing done!!! Finally we got the fencing done on November 27th 2010 after 4 surveys and numerous discussions with neighbors!! It's been a great laerning so far to get to know the process. I feel it's the price we are paying for leaving our ancestor's occupation and running towards city for better(?) life style. But it's worth learning and getting back to the roots...

Right now we have some land which is fenced and ready to be there'll be more updates coming on the way...


We planted 1000 G9 banana and the experiment begins :-) We are still with the conventional technique of using NPK as and when needed and lot of ploughing is going on to keep it clean.


We are trying our luck with Corn in the remaining area. Around 2 acres. No fertilizer and ploughing done due to vairous issues :-)


Cnstruction of two small rooms are completed today and we are planning the pooja in a small way.


We got our first crop out of the land. We got aroun 700 KG of Corn from 2 acres. Lots of learning and no loss no gain proosition. :-) we enjoyed our baby corn manchurian made out of our own organic corn.


We missed the fertilizer cycle by a big way no nourishment to plants till 120 days !! due to labour problem :-(.

Finally we found a person who is looking into the day to day affairs. We gave the first dose of fertilizer on 02/10/2011 and second on 06/11/2011.

So far the plants are coming up fine and have had few issues with Sigatoka and we religiously applied Bavistine :-)

Today we are going with our plan which was long due to get the teak sapplings planted. Digging is going on for our second set of banana(we are planning for Elakki Banana this time) and also thelong term trees long the boundary. Hopefully we will get this done this week and the farm would get some look with 1200 more plants.